AultCare Network Provider Directory

Icon Glossary
Icons shown below are used throughout the directory to mark certain providers. Each icon can also be clicked to show a list of all related providers (Excluding Accessibility Options).
You are entitled to access the services of any federally qualified health center (FQHC), rural health center (RHC), and lactation consultants (LC). Clicking on one of these icons will list the FQHC, RHC, and LC providers in your county. You might also see providers from these facilities listed individually in other parts of this directory.

AultCare does not use quality measures, member experience measures, patient safety measures or cost-related measures to select practitioners or hospitals for our provider networks. However, practitioners are subject to a rigorous credentialing process upon initial credentialing and every 3 years thereafter.

You may download the current PPO directory or HMO directory (requires Adobe Reader ) or choose criteria from pull down lists below. You may also download the current Aultra Dental directory (requires Adobe Reader ).

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  • PLEASE NOTE - When accessing care at a panel hospital,
    some doctors may be considered Out Of Network under your plan.