Why AultCare

Interview with the AultCare President, Rick Haines.

As an employer, I’m concerned with sales, profitability, and employee turnover. With the many healthcare alternatives available, why should I choose AultCare?

We understand that you are focused on profitability while at the same time wanted to provide an attractive health plan for your employees. At AultCare, we have enjoyed 10 years in a row of single digit rate increases. In an industry where 25-35% rate increases are common, that is a strong financial benefit. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers.

With our long-standing relationship with the Aultman Health Foundation and Stark Quality Care Physicians, we are the largest hospital-based PPO in northeast Ohio. We have been serving the area for over 20 years and plan to do so for many decades to come. The best way to do that is to understand your financial concerns and to provide the service you need at a rate consistent enough you can comfortably budget year after year.

Our company needs are unique and won’t be served by a “boiler plate” health plan. Can AultCare help?

One of the benefits of being local and small enough to truly know our customers is that we can create plans that are as unique as your business. Our experienced sales staff will work with your CFO or HR Executive to craft a plan that meets your financial and healthcare needs.

AultCare is just a regional option, how will you provide healthcare for my employees outside the 5 county areas that you serve?

Many of our customers have employees outside the five-county area. We recently merged with Professional Claims Management to form Aultra Administrative Group, serving 88 counties in Ohio. Additionally, we’ll work with your company to negotiate arrangements with providers outside of Ohio for your employees who live and work elsewhere.

When I look at the P&L of our company, I’m amazed at the cost of healthcare, and prices rise dramatically year after year. I wish I could raise pricing to our customers 20 and 30% in a single year. How can a business plan when healthcare costs rise at such unpredictable rates?

Healthcare costs are a growing concern for all businesses and we understand that. We’ll work hard to provide you with the service and providers you require while keeping administrative costs to a minimum. Our history of single digit rate increases speaks for itself. AultCare is your long term choice for affordable, adaptable healthcare.

My HR Director tells me that the number one complaint our employees have with our existing healthcare provider is a lack of customer service. Employees have difficulty tracking claims, understanding the paperwork and are just frustrated with the whole healthcare experience. Is AultCare really that different?

Truthfully, I can say we offer the best, most responsive customer service available in the healthcare industry, but until you’ve experienced it, you won’t really know. I can tell you that one of the primary concerns of other healthcare companies is the amount of time members are on the phone researching claims.

At AultCare, we understand that your employees’ time is valuable. Our Customer Service Department has a goal of ensuring on-hold time is less than 45 seconds. This means that your employee’s call is answer promptly, the information is gathered quickly and then we take their number and call them back with answers.

Are there statistics available that can help plan the types of health issues we can expect to see in the next five years?

One of the many benefits of being in business in the community for almost 20 years means we have real healthcare data that we can share with our customers. Many companies offer statistical data based on averages that can be applied to a geographic area. At AultCare we provide hard numbers for our region: number of cancer, organ transplants, and other health care issues. This helps you better plan for the years to come.

The thought of transitioning from our existing plan to another is a nightmare. What can AultCare do to make the transition smooth for employees and for our Benefits Department?

Change is never easy, but with AultCare we provide Office Manager training to transition patient records, enrollment information and procedure instructions so that the transition is as smooth as possible. We’ll come on-site to train your staff, helping to set up the computer records, walking through our website and providing the tools you’ll need to be successful.

With our current healthcare company, I feel like just a number. There are times when I have a question or a suggestion to offer, but I’m not sure anyone wants to listen. Is AultCare really that different?

You can call me direct! Part of what has made AultCare so successful over the years is the relationship we have with our customers and our members. Our members have provided great suggestions that we’ve incorporated. Our on-hold goal of 45-seconds is one of those suggestions we took to heart. Any member of the AultCare team is available for questions, concerns, suggestions or praise! Just give us a call or contact us.