Care Coordination

About AultCare's Health & Care Coordination

AultCare offers a Care Coordination program to advocate for you to get the care, information and community services you need. We have combined the traditional services of Utilization Management, Case Management and Disease Management into one service, provided by one Care Coordinator, who will be your advocate and help you navigate through the health care system. Our team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and licensed social workers are available by phone to help you take control of your health and well-being!

Our services are free and we provide:

• Assistance with the referral process to out-of-network specialists

• Help with transitioning your care to panel providers, if appropriate

• Care coordination to help you get the most from your plan benefits while maintaining quality, cost-effective treatment

• Community resource information to provide assistance with prescriptions, utilities and transportation if you are having financial difficulties

• Phone calls with a nurse who specializes in managing care for health conditions

• Educational materials to supplement information your physician has provided Informative mailings and handouts about your condition

• Equipment for our Diabetes and Heart Failure Tele-Monitoring Programs

• System to help you manage your condition from the convenience of your home

• Staff to guide you in the right direction and help you work with your doctors to improve your health

• Reliable referrals to service agencies in the community

You may benefit from our Care Coordination services if you:

• Have questions about your health status or health care

• Are in need of a transplant

• Have been newly diagnosed with Cancer

• Are experiencing complex medical issues

• Are receiving specialty care outside of the network

Contact the AultCare Service Center  
Speak to a disease management nurse at: 330-363-6360 or Toll free at 1-800-344-8858

TTY Line: 330-363-2393 or 1-800-633-3066

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