AultCare’s Leadership & Service Scholarship

Every year, AultCare offers the Service and Leadership Scholarship to one senior at each of the high schools in our 5-county market. We are extremely proud to offer the award to the 2020 recipients because of their resilience during these difficult times. We want to remind our recipients, and the entire class of 2020, that their hard work has not gone unnoticed. This award is very special this year because it serves as a beacon of encouragement during a tumultuous time.
AultCare Leadership & Service Scholarship Criteria:
• Senior pursuing a two or four-year degree at an accredited school
• Senior must have a 3.0 or higher G.P.A.
• Senior must participate on a high school sports team
• Senior demonstrating that he/she is a service-oriented leader either at school, on their sports teams or other school-related groups, or in their    community
• Senior demonstrating financial need to continue his/her education