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2019 AultCare Leadership & Service Scholarship
Supporting the future leaders of our community is an initiative AultCare takes great pride in as an organization. AultCare is excited to offer another scholarship program this year to one high school senior from your school.

AultCare’s Leadership & Service Scholarship embodies the importance of initiative, advocacy, merit, and quality. At AultCare, superior service and guiding leadership skill sets are two qualities we value deeply. We promote these qualities within our employees and our community. This year, we want to recognize local high school students that uphold the characteristics of strong service and leadership. AultCare will award one scholarship for $500.00 to one deserving student from each of the high schools in our five-county market.

In total, there will be 41 recipients, each receiving a $500 award. Each high school’s guidance department will make the selection of each senior. There will not be an application process. The guidance counselor(s) will use the criteria below to make their decision.

AultCare Leadership & Service Scholarship Criteria:
• Senior pursuing a two or four-year degree at an accredited school
• Senior must have a 3.0 or higher G.P.A.
• Senior must participate on a high school sports team
• Senior demonstrating that he/she is a service-oriented leader either at school, on their sports teams or other school-related groups, or in their community
• Senior demonstrating financial need to continue his/her education

If you have any questions, please contact Emily Probert at or 330-363-2497, or you may also contact your school's guidance counselor.