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AultWell Wellness Program

It’s about well-being and being well. AultCare is ready to help when you need care, and we also offer wellness plans to help keep you healthy. Because we are much more than a health plan/insurance company, we coordinate health and wellness experts with valuable resources to prevent health concerns arising in the first place.

AultWell is a robust, motivated, and knowledgeable team comprised of nurses, dietitians, personal trainers, and tobacco cessation specialists. The focus of the AultWell team is to identify and help members understand their risks and assist members in decreasing those risks. 

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Leading the Community to Improved Health

AultWell strives every day to lead our community to improved health through coaching, goal setting, education, encouragement, and support. Depending on the arrangement with each contracted company, AultWell provides on-site health fairs which include labs, blood pressure, body mass index, body fat percentage, waist circumference, an online Health Risk Assessment (HRS), and an assigned health coach. Visits with the health coach are one-on-one via in-person, telephonic, or a group setting. Additional services are provided upon request and as the need arises.

Plus, the AultWell online wellness portal provides innovative healthcare with your well-being in mind. Once you set up your AultWell account, you may complete your HRA and experience other features such as trackers and health information.

AultCare wellness services are offered to employer groups in our communities at an additional cost.