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Patient Safety

Ask Me 3™
AultCare recognizes the value of patient safety for our employers and members and is committed to providing our members and providers with information about the safety of healthcare.

One of the safety programs that AultCare has initiated for our members is the Ask Me 3™ Program. This program is located on the Website of the National Patient Safety Foundation and a trademark of the Partnership for Clear Health Communication. It is a coalition of national organizations that are working together to promote awareness and solutions around the low health literacy and its effect on health outcomes. 

This program was selected by AultCare to increase the level of communication between the physician and their patients.

For additional information on this program go to 

If you would like additional information or ideas for improving patient safety, see the websites listed below.

AHRQ Patient Safety Network (AHRQ) is located at 

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)