AultCare- There's Something Special
Published March 2, 2020

AultCare- Where You Matter
Published January 28, 2019

AultCare - You Matter
Published on January 28, 2019
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Desk Exercise
Health, 6/1/2012

Abbey Roach, AultCare's ACE certified personal trainer, shows how to stretch the neck and shoulders while sitting at your desk.
Health, 4/26/2011

AultCare's ACE certified personal trainer shares three different ways to do a burpee.
Full Steps Workout
Health, 7/27/2012

Abbey Roach, AultCare's ACE certified personal trainer, gives you a series of exercises to tone and strengthen your lower body.
Thigh Workout
Health, Jan 6, 2012

Watch AultCare's ACE-certified fitness trainer, Abbey Roach, as she shows you the correct way to perform a lunge exercise.
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