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Please note: You will not receive a card for VSP benefits. Please visit the VSP website and sign up for an account and learn how to use these benefits.
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We want you to be a well-informed consumer in regard to your health care coverage. When accessing care at an in network hospital or facility, services may be received from hospital-based physicians (pathologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, hospitalists and/or emergency room physicians). Some hospital-based physicians may not be contracted with AultCare. This means patients will be responsible for the difference in payment between AultCare and the physician.

AultCare shall not implement increased financial liability to enrollees resulting from an enrollee's reasonable reliance on an incorrect or misleading directory or a Customer Service Representative’s incorrect or misleading statements with respect to the directory or expiration or termination of provider or facility from network until the directory has been updated to reflect such changes. 

Upon request, a disclosure of the amount of any deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance or the amounts for which the enrollee may be responsible can be given - knowing that such information is not binding on AultCare and that the amount for which the enrollee is responsible may change.