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Managing Workers' Compensation Healthcare in Ohio

AultComp MCO

AultComp MCO is a statewide, full-service workers’ compensation organization with several advantages important to member companies. Probably the three most important things to companies in regards to worker’s compensation are

1) minimizing the amount of compensation while fairly covering the employee’s needs;

2) getting through the process as efficiently as possible; and

3) getting the employee back to work faster. AultComp MCO gets customers all three of these benefits — and more — with no charge to them.

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Through the TPA, your company can benefit from a variety of services:

» The Group/Group Retro Rating Program.

» Self-Insurance Administration.

» Assistance with BWC rules and regulations.

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Serviced by AultCare

AultComp MCO has specialized in workers’ compensation for 23 years. As part of AultCare Health Plans, AultComp MCO knows local hospitals, physicians, and occupational clinics. These integrated relationships give the advantages of medical bill savings and discount opportunities, with a more efficient process that’s built to get employees back to work sooner.

Dedicated Service Liaison

Customers get a dedicated liaison who provides all of their workers’ compensation needs. Customized reporting keeps companies apprised of all pertinent information, while integrated relationships with area healthcare providers result in minimized lost time and minimized compensation.

Physician Leadership

We utilize practicing occupational medicine physicians and other clinical staff leadership for guidance and collaborate with all Third Party Administrators (TPAs). In addition, AultComp MCO care coordination services ensure the most appropriate course of treatment.