All About AultSaveRx

AultCare developed a pharmacy transparency tool allowing you to make the most cost-effective decisions with your prescriptions. You can search for the most cost-effective price on any generic drug. As you search for a prescribed medication, you can review a comparison of different pricing options. AultSaveRx compares your health plan’s estimated price with the best available market alternative. AultSaveRx is yet another way you are empowered to make important decisions regarding your prescription medications.  


Download our AultSaveRx how-to & FAQ sheet and watch our tutorial

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Through the AultSaveRx platform, you can search for your prescribed medication and see a detailed comparison of different pricing options. AultSaveRx compares your health plan estimated price against third-party pricing vendors (ex: GoodRx) and also
can show preferred network prices if available. The comparison tool allows you to toggle between drug type, quantity, dosage, as well as your zip code to get a more transparent view of all your available options. The goal is to help you save money on your generic prescription medication.

Sign up through the AultCare member portal and click on the AultSaveRx icon, where you will be taken to the drug lookup screen to compare prices. Follow the steps to enter your drug information to reveal the costs and saving opportunities.

Please contact AultCare customer service to assist with your questions.

AultSaveRx is a pharmacy transparency tool that allows employees and dependents to search for the best available price on any generic drug.

Present the savings coupon shown from the AultSaveRx platfrom by email, text, print, or showing your mobile device, to the pharmacist. Describe to your pharmacy/pharmacist that you want to make sure you are attaining the best price for your medication.

You can take the pricing information to the pharmacy that you normally utilize and see if they can offer the same pricing through GoodRx or other means.

Using your mobile device, take a picture of the pharmacy receipt. Typically, these receipts are stapled to the outside of the prescription bag when you pick them up. Using this image you can  upload your receipt, which will be applied appropriately.

Participation is voluntary. Please note that comparing prices can be beneficial for members taking medications because AultSaveRx makes it easy to submit your payment for the generic drugs found using the tool and they are applied to your deductible.

Use the AultSaveRx platform to submit your receipt. If you paid an amount exceeding your typical co-pay and the medication is covered under your benefit, you can expect a check to be sent to you automatically for the difference.

The prescription would not apply unless all requirements are met. Please refer to your benefits to learn if your drug is covered.

For a variety of generic medications, AultSaveRx provides members with an estimate of their out-of-pocket expenses. Applicable to primary plans only, the estimate is based on the current status of the member’s copay, deductible, and out-of-pocket expenses. AultSaveRx empowers AultCare members to compare expenses from various pharmacies and be better healthcare consumers.  AultSaveRx coupons can only be utilized for the member’s primary plan. Coverage will be dependent on applicable plan design and clinical formulary rules.

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