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AultCare's attention to our members, and our service focus to you, separates us from other insurance companies. That's one of many reasons why more than 92% of AultCare clients renew with AultCare year after year. AultCare has always been committed to accuracy and improving processes. That is why we are collaborating with CAQH® on an innovative solution, COB SmartTM, which will streamline the Coordination of Benefits (COB) processes for our members.

Our plans are tailored to you and your employees. With affordable options and partnerships that provide innovative solutions to our members, you can find a plan to fit your budget and benefit needs.

Small-Group Health Plan Options

For companies with 2 to 50 employees.

Platinum Small Group Plan
  • Highest monthly premium
  • Lowest costs when care is provided
  • Deductibles are very low, meaning plans start paying their share earlier than for other categories of plans.
  • Good choice if: a lot of care is used and members are willing to pay a high monthly premium, knowing nearly all other costs will be covered.

 Platinum (PDF)

Gold Small Group Plan
  • High monthly premium
  • Low costs when care if provided
  • Deductibles — The amount of medical costs paid by members before the plan pays — are usually low.
  • Good choice if: members are willing to pay more each month to have more costs covered when medical treatment is provided. A Gold plan could be a good value if a lot of care is necessary.

Gold Plan (PDF)

Silver Small Group Plan
  • Moderate monthly premium
  • Moderate costs when care is provided
  • Silver deductibles — the costs paid by a member before the plan pays anything — are usually lower than those of Bronze plans.
  • Good choice if: as an employer, you qualify for “extra savings” (our sales department can help you determine that status) — or, if not, members are willing to pay a slightly higher monthly premium than Bronze to have more routine care covered.

Silver Plan (PDF)


Bronze Small Group Plan
  • Lowest monthly premium
  • Highest costs when care is provided
  • Bronze plan deductibles — the amount of medical costs paid by members before the plan starts to pay — can be thousands of dollars a year.
  • Good choice if: a low-cost way to protect members is needed; from worst-case medical scenarios, like serious sickness or injury. Monthly premium will be low, but members have to pay for most routine care themselves.

 Bronze (PDF)


Small Businesses Can Get Affordable Healthcare with a MEWA

• Control the costs of healthcare benefits

• Medically underwritten MEWA rates may provide a less expensive option than a smaller community-rated plans

• Obtained under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

• Available for small-group employers with less than 50 employees.

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Transitional & Large Group Plans

Employers lock in rates in advance of their next renewal to take advantage of transition relief. Transition relief allows employers more time to figure out the best solution that fits their employee and business needs prior to moving to a community-rating environment. Employers are able to keep their plans longer which helps your workforce adjust because small-group rules require plan designs to fit into one of the metal plan tiers, so the new plan designs may not be what employers are used to seeing.

Transitional Relief Plan 


In general, a group health plan covers employees of an employer that has 51 or more employees. We can tailor a plan design. Health care is complex and your company needs a plan that works for you.  Call us and we will walk you thru a process to tailor a plan to your industry or need.

This link offers a glimpse at some of our most popular custom plan designs.

Large-Group Plan